17 Marcialonga Running Coop

Sunday 1st of September: thousands of people running from Moena, in the beautiful Val di Fassa, to Cavalese in Val di Fiemme across unique landscapes that fill your heart and eyes with joy.

26 k of emotions in company of the gurgling of the river Avisio, along green fields, forests and villages at the bottom of Dolomites. A context where you will feel merged with nature, breathing the early-September fresh mountain air and at the same time face a race dedicated to the most various types of runners. The smooth conformation of the track will let your legs run fast for the first 21k, where many participants manage their best time on the half-marathon time. Here the tough part starts! It is very important to balance your energy to face the 5-km track that connects the bottom of the valley to the village of Cavalese, as the marathon-runner and more times Marcialonga winner Ivana Iozzia suggests.

You can face Marcialonga Coop on your own or in team, passing on the torch in the three-runners relay. The 26k track is divided into three fractions of 10 – 8 – 8 k each: each one of them will have to be faced to a team member, giving anyone the chance to feel the emotions of the run sharing this experience with their team mates.
The relay intends to embody the values of “sport for everyone”, from physical benefits, to being together and last but not least the importance to help others. In fact, participating to the relay you will support “Sport Senza Frontiere”, LILT, ADMO or one of the other local benefic associations, as for part of the entry fee will be donated by Marcialonga to the project chosen by the team.

As for in other Marcialonga disciplines, Marcialonga Coop also dedicates an event to the future runners, where kids from 6 to 12 years are the protagonists of a 900 m loop in Moena city center.

Marcialonga Coop is the conclusive race of the Marcialonga season, which starts the last weekend of January on the Nordic Ski slopes with the most famous Marcialonga and continues at the beginning of summer with the cycling Granfondo Marcialonga Craft . The running race, in addition to the other races, is an indispensable stage to complete the Combined event Punto3 Craft, format that awards the athletes who decide to get involved in the three disciplines both singularly or in a team for their dedication and tenacity with special prizes and discounts.

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