Our restaurant opens its doors to non-resident guests as well, for lunch and dinner. We have two different dining rooms, in order to guarantee tranquillity and privacy.

For breakfast, enjoy abundant buffets of genuine and healthy meals from our local markets: home-made breads, jams, cold cuts of local meat and cheese, yogurt, eggs, fresh fruit, juices and, most importantly, home-made fruit pies. Furthermore, the recipe of our inimitable apple strudel is still a secret, and if you are lucky or you ask for it…

We like to have a healthy and genuine cuisine, always prioritizing local products from the Fiemme Valley, zero kilometers; we aim for simple yet innovative tastes, to let you have a full traditional culinary experience, with both traditional and innovative plates.

Our Chef has a taste for natural ingredients, simple yet innovative tastes, whilst respecting the nature.

We are looking to satisfy all your needs and are well equipped for those who suffer from food intolerances; if possible, let us know about your food intolerances or special diet regimes before hand (vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free).


At the bar of Orso Grigio Hotel, you will always be able to enjoy cocktails, herbal teas or fresh juices, in addition to fresh daily pies and cobblers, ideal for those who have late breakfast.


Summer is donating is us clear and sunny days; soon our woods and the whole nature will be covered with the magic, wrapping and silent mantels of autumn.

This is the right time of the year to make room inside us for what will come next… and let our dreams grow.

We close for a while and will get ready to welcome you when the snow falls.

So would like to thank-you all, new and old guests, and those who will come, for trusting us.

See you soon