The building of the Hotel Orso Grigio has noble and antique origins, a charming and fascinating history, that historic expert Italo Giordani has reconstructed for us.
Between 1200 and 1400 the building was under the Tyrolean jurisdiction of Castello, than it was owned by the Tirolo family in late 1200 and later in 1476 by the Firmian family.

In late 1400, it became property of Fiemme Valley’s judge Domenico Zen (known for his involvement in witchcraft trials) who sold the establishment to Orlandino fu Ambrogio Ianuici di Cazzano.

Ambrogio and his son Orlandino were wool merchants in Fiemme Valley and Bolzano city. Before leaving Cavalese, the notary Francesco Cazzano sold the ancient building to Alessandro Giovanelli (1954 – 1601), notary, Episcopal vicar and lieutenant in Fiemme Valley, first of the many dynasties of notaries that lived in the building, until the generation of Giovanni Giacomo Giovanelli, whom the existing street takes its name from.

In 1762, the establishment was sold to Doctor Alessandro Riccabona and his successors until 1812.

In 1800 it became the Hotel “Antico Albergo Reale”, famous for its hay baths and grapes treatments that hosted many eminent personalities, namely the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph pf Habsburg.

In 1973 the Hotel was purchased by Alfredo Vanzo, renewed several times, to become today’s four-star Hotel Orso Grigio.