20% reduction on a particular room type according to the number of persons.

With this offer a room change is expected (daily or according to our needs and availability) with up-grade if possible.

It is possibile to modify the stay with no penalty until 12 hours prior arrival.

The room will be available from 5 p.m until 9 a.m (at least).

Booking is possible from 7 days prior arrival with minimum stay of 2 nights

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Liberare la mente e riconnetterci con la nostra vera essenza.... Abbiamo pensato di introdurre un esercizio hatha yoga settimanale con istruttrice certificata, a richiesta anche bisettimanale.

Freeing our mind and reconnecting with our true essence... We came up with the idea to introduce a weekly hatha yoga exercise with a certified instructor, also bi-weekly on request.

Escursioni giornaliere sul Lagorai e per i più esperti o temerari ferrata con guida alpina in totale sicurezza, con fantastico panorama a 360 gradi! Richiedeteci programma

Daily hiking tours on the Lagorai mountains and, for the more experienced or daring, via ferrata with a mountain guide in total safety, with a fantastic 360° panorama! Ask for the programme