Vino Santo Trentino always deserves much attention, some papers date back to 1500s; it is obtained 100% from Nosiola grapes, which develop in the Lakes Valley. A typical Mediterranean climatic island that, thanks to the presence and perseverance of Ora, allows a good conservation and the long drying of the grapes until the Holy Week, when it is pressed. From 1 quintal, usually 18 liters of most with high presence of sugar can be obtained. After 4/5 years spent in steel and small durmast barrels, essential to reach the right balance between sugar and alcohol, Vino Santo is bottled. 

Francesco Poli – S. Massenza, Tn

Liberare la mente e riconnetterci con la nostra vera essenza.... Abbiamo pensato di introdurre un esercizio hatha yoga settimanale con istruttrice certificata, a richiesta anche bisettimanale.

Freeing our mind and reconnecting with our true essence... We came up with the idea to introduce a weekly hatha yoga exercise with a certified instructor, also bi-weekly on request.

Escursioni giornaliere sul Lagorai e per i più esperti o temerari ferrata con guida alpina in totale sicurezza, con fantastico panorama a 360 gradi! Richiedeteci programma

Daily hiking tours on the Lagorai mountains and, for the more experienced or daring, via ferrata with a mountain guide in total safety, with a fantastic 360° panorama! Ask for the programme