Valpolicella is produced by the fresh vinification of the grapes, mainly Corvina and Corvinone. The moment of grape harvest is very important for this wine, considering the delicacy of its aromas and the labile sensorial balance much influenced by acidity. Valpolicella Brigaldara tries to be easily drinkable with fragrances typical of the valley that go from cherry to spicy notes (stronger according to the crop). The best olfactory balance is reached through a short improvement in steel that protects the sensorial features. 

Brigaldara – Veneto

Liberare la mente e riconnetterci con la nostra vera essenza.... Abbiamo pensato di introdurre un esercizio hatha yoga settimanale con istruttrice certificata, a richiesta anche bisettimanale.

Freeing our mind and reconnecting with our true essence... We came up with the idea to introduce a weekly hatha yoga exercise with a certified instructor, also bi-weekly on request.

Escursioni giornaliere sul Lagorai e per i più esperti o temerari ferrata con guida alpina in totale sicurezza, con fantastico panorama a 360 gradi! Richiedeteci programma

Daily hiking tours on the Lagorai mountains and, for the more experienced or daring, via ferrata with a mountain guide in total safety, with a fantastic 360° panorama! Ask for the programme